Play in the outside world

When learning new songs, the most common routine you will make is to play at home. While you sit at the comfort of your bedroom, you can take notes and make short breaks to your kitchen.

This has however a side effect: it will harm your social mood. While being introverted is fine (creativity is enhanced through inside-thinking), you shall aim to be more outgoing. Our current modern lifestyles already foster anti-social mood (cellphones, rules to keep quiet, disarmed social circles, etc). Do not add music to the list.

Which baby steps can you take for linking music with more social life?

  • Practice outside: of course. Go to the closest park or your favorite green area. People will not mind hearing your music. Actually you will add value to their current state as well.
  • Is it cold outside? look for an area at universities. Make friends with relaxed shops in your neighborhood, who will welcome your visit. Simply visit the city and look for somewhere matching your vibe.
  • Practice with a friend: in this case you may stay at home, because you are already interacting. Affording a demo studio is also a good idea, sometimes you will meet new people there.
  • Keep it simple: take your instrument, some sheets of paper and a pen. If playing covers, you may use your cellphone once in while. But do not stick to the headphones, train your memory and get the song saved in your head.
  • Feel vulnerable: do not mind people watching you. It happens because they get curious to see you enjoying your hobby. Realize that you will get noticed in general, learn to get connected to others around you.

Take your instrument and enjoy the world in front of your eyes.

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