Tuning the dance

Kizomba, as many other sensual dances, fosters a harmonious connection process between a man and a woman.

At the beginning of the song, instead of jumping directly into difficult movements or fast escalation steps, men are asked to do some tuning. This means, prepare the ground by providing comfort to both dancers.

Men task – how does tuning work?

  • Basically it is about making slow steps on 2 counts.
  • 1st basic step: Side to side 1 – 2 on the same place – here you just put your weight from one foot to other.
  • 2nd basic step: create the “turning” clockwise – turn around by keeping the side to side 1-2.
  • 3rd basic step: “Traveling” – forward ­forward ­tap / backward ­backward ­tap. The same can be done with cha cha instead of tap.
  • 4th basic step: “Contra tiempo” or “virgula”, which is about turning anti-­clockwise. Two variants: 1-2 ­cha ­cha, or long-­long­ short-­short.

Even though it is a basic move, it is very powerful on providing a first connection. An also it helps to determine if a harmony is possible among both partners.

Next time you start a song, do some tuning and prepare the ride.

Kizomba for healthy roles

A few months ago I took a Kizomba course for trying out something completely new. It ended up actually being a short class on masculine and feminine energy.

During the very first class the teachers told me some facts that reminded me about my role as a man:

  • The man leads the dancing steps, he must recreate the sensual interaction pleasantly for him and the women he dances with.
  • The woman must open herself and trust the man’s movements. She shall follow the steps and complement them with her feminine choreography.
  • The man must take firmly and confidently the woman’s body, in order to let her know on which direction to dance. He shall not be ashamed on leading the interaction.
  • The man shall be relax and enjoy the dancing steps, which will provide comfort to the woman as well.
  • The dance increases the energy gradually. At the beginning there are simple steps for warming-up and building comfort. As the time passes, the man inserts the steps that add beauty and sensuality to the song.
  • The songs are mostly about feelings, connection, senses and lovers’ stories. Topics about materialistic lifestyle and/or with negative energy are avoided.

At the beginning I was unsure to try this music. But fortunately I did, and it reminded me to take away the structured thoughts that work / studies place in our heads. And to embrace the beautiful chaos which leads to a natural interaction. Under my lead as a man with the feet on the earth and fun in my dance.