Switch to the right world

Last week I went to my very first bachata class in Vienna. In that city there are tons of events, many of them as testing hours for potential fans.

However I was not that sure if that was the right thing. This is not the first time I have this negative feeling, sometimes I doubt if dancing shall be my hobby. And as in the past: I pushed myself and went over there. It was the right choice, and actually I experienced a switch in my brain within those 60 minutes:

  • 0-10 min: we all dance in a big round in front of a mirror. I am still thinking, what am I doing here? this looks like a fitness exercise!
  • 11-20 min: we start to learn basic steps. I feel more comfortable and look at the instructor’s complex steps. I am able to follow most of them.
  • 21-30 min: now it is time for some funny steps. But I feel good, since I can follow most of them. The songs are also energetic, it feels refreshing.
  • 31-45 min: exercises are now in pairs with rotations every 2-3 minutes. We shortly introduce ourselves with our names and immediately try out the steps. It was comfortable and fun to meet some new faces. With some of them there is chemistry, with others not that much.
  • 46-60 min: we practice the last steps. It is fun, I start to improvise. But now the hour is over. Seriously?!

At the end some mingle with the people and finally felt relaxed for starting the weekend.

What happened then? basically I came out from my working environment full of logical thinking and jumped into the “real” world of chaos and senses. It was the right decision, and surely dancing can become a hobby for me, actually a theraphy.