Tuning the dance

Kizomba, as many other sensual dances, fosters a harmonious connection process between a man and a woman.

At the beginning of the song, instead of jumping directly into difficult movements or fast escalation steps, men are asked to do some tuning. This means, prepare the ground by providing comfort to both dancers.

Men task – how does tuning work?

  • Basically it is about making slow steps on 2 counts.
  • 1st basic step: Side to side 1 – 2 on the same place – here you just put your weight from one foot to other.
  • 2nd basic step: create the “turning” clockwise – turn around by keeping the side to side 1-2.
  • 3rd basic step: “Traveling” – forward ­forward ­tap / backward ­backward ­tap. The same can be done with cha cha instead of tap.
  • 4th basic step: “Contra tiempo” or “virgula”, which is about turning anti-­clockwise. Two variants: 1-2 ­cha ­cha, or long-­long­ short-­short.

Even though it is a basic move, it is very powerful on providing a first connection. An also it helps to determine if a harmony is possible among both partners.

Next time you start a song, do some tuning and prepare the ride.

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