Consume songs selectively

The songs you hear, learn and perform have a powerful effect on your attitudes. No wonder why commercials invest so much efforts on touchy sounds, and politicians come up with hits during campaigns.

That means that you shall reassess the music you have been hearing so far. There are hundreds of different rythms. But shall you pay attention to some factors before consuming them? I believe so.

Consider music which:

  • Adds a comfortable energy to your present state. If you want to be energetic, go for it. If you want to relax, select it. Music enhances your life, not rules it.
  • If you need to warm up prior to running game, you’d better select songs encouraging you to socialize and feel proud of your masculine energy.
  • Complementary, avoid beta songs which put your value below girls. Singing about love is cool, but better in a triumphant way, not in a supplicating form.
  • Talking about lyrics: pay attention to the words. I used to focus more on the tabs and chords in the past. But now I pay more attention to the lyrics, which makes songs sound more powerful than before.
  • Pointing on this, check out songs that talk about men’s values. It feels great to remind you about the things that help you lead in life.

Further things you want to consider around music:

  • Read a bit about great player’s biographies. It is motivating to know that other great men invested time and energy for making music their weapon for conquering their worlds.
  • Avoid hearing music on public places. This sounds contradictory, but it is good to balance your life off from music. Specially if you are into gaming, then you definitively need to be in a social mood and alert on opportunities for approaching girls. Putting headphones will set you in a shy mood. Enjoy the view and put all your senses right there, right now. Keep music for another time.
  • Write some lyrics by your own. It feels good to translate your senses on paper, you do not need to become a writer or blogger for that.

Enjoy hearing new songs and recommend me some artists with lyrics that touch masculinity.

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